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Post  ichigosson1991 on Wed Mar 02, 2011 4:43 pm

Name: ichinose
Age: 13
date of death:doesnt know
Gender: male
swords name:Tsuin kaminari
Shikia:doesn't have one
Bankia: die in a flash of lightning tsuin kaminari
Bankia ability: swords glow and float around me covered in lightning they will defend against most attacks on their own. i then have the ability to grab them one at a time and slash sending bolts of lightning from the blades
Bankia effects: increased strength and perception
Swords- my zanpakto consits of 16 swords spread around my back
powers:i have increased speed and stamina
my power i call from lightning itself
my strength is alot weaker than anyones elses but i make up for it with blinding speed!
i wouldnt say that i can move faster than my father but i could give him a run for his money
doesnt know where i belong so i avoid soul reapers so not to start a fight
QUOTE:to live is to die another day
is looking for a way to bring back my family so i am not alone anymore

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Post  Loun Wraak on Wed Mar 02, 2011 5:03 pm

You cannot just copy-paste Ichigo's powers exactly onto his son.

All of his power gains (sub soul reaper, inner hollow, bankai, visored) were all purely situational, situations that have a negative percent chance of happening again exactly how they did.

All of the above were part of his spiritual body anyway, not his biological body, and thus wouldn't have just passed on.

Make a creative, thought-out modification and you can still be his son. But you're not just going to use a proxy to be Ichigo.
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